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IEI’s focus is on accurate
B-to-B data. And smart people.

At IEI our engineers design ‘event-driven’ data supply chains fueled by primary source research to ensure that our customers’ databases are never out-of-date. Other data hygiene solutions use third-party data overlays that compare your data to other sources of old data. That is certainly fast and cheap, but it’s also short-sighted.

Because we offer more than just a technical solution or outsourced labor, we can accomplish far more than any firm with a one-dimensional approach. Our engineers, researchers, analysts, and quality control experts have many years of experience with B-to-B databases and a laser focus on data integrity. This hybrid of technology and human resources gives our customers an unbeatable competitive edge.

You’re in good company.

Our focus comes from our backgrounds in building new online information services for dozens of innovative firms. Many of our customers came to us when their services were still on the drawing board and now they have hundreds of businesses paying them top dollar for the privilege of accessing their valuable information services. Few other firms have this kind of experience.

Innovation is risky and our success did not come easily. But if you have a great product and you want a partner who has been there before and can truly deliver, then you’re in the right place.

Leadership Team

Matt Manning


Matt developed over a dozen major new information products for WealthEngine, Stratfor, OneSource, and Hoover’s during his publishing career. Since 2007, Matt managed the growth of IEI from concept to a 500 person company serving customers from the company’s three production facilities. He served on the University of Texas School of Information Board of Advisors and has spoken at media and technology conferences held by the SIIA, SIPA, EADP, and AAAI. Matt is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Asian Studies.

LinkedIn | @MManningIEI

Rajiv Manickam

Technical Director

Rajiv has worked in the ITES industry for 13 years and is an expert in Microsoft technologies, BPO process management, and software development methodologies. After working at Tata Consultancy Services he went on to positions as the head the software development for medium-sized firms in India, most recently Naethra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Rajiv attended Madras Christian College in Chennai and has a diploma in Advanced Software Technology.

LinkedIn | @RajivMK

Yasmin Imthiyas

Director, Indian Operations

Yasmin has been with Information Evolution since its inception. She helped establish and currently manages Information Evolution’s Indian subsidiary. Yasmin’s areas of expertise include research operations, as well as database creation and management. Yasmin has an MBA from Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, India and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Operations Management.


Shyamali Ghosh

Chief Quality Officer

Shyamali has held senior editorial and production management positions at several publishing and publishing services companies including Alexander Communications, Landes Bioscience, Publishers Resource Group, Holt Rinehart, and Harcourt Brace. She has managed projects for Springer Verlag, APA, and dozens of other publishing firms. Shyamali attended New York University’s Gallatin School and the Parsons School of Design. Shyamali was born in Secunderabad, India, but is a native of New York City.

LinkedIn | @SGhoshIEI

Arfath G

Director, HR India

Arfath started his career at Information Evolution in 2008 as a team lead on telephone verification projects. He assumed his current role as Human Resources Director for IEI’s Indian Operations in 2010. Arfath received a Bachelor of Computer Application degree from Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, India, in 2008 and an MBA in Human Resources, also at Bharathiar, in 2010.

Deborah Dunlap

Chief Financial Officer

Deborah is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 30 years of experience providing accounting, financial planning, and technical services to small and large businesses ranging from restaurants to high tech firms. She was controller at Hoover’s, Inc. for several years. Deborah was also accountant for the publisher of Texas Fish and Game magazine. Deborah has held auditor and analyst positions at Price Waterhouse and other banking corporations. She is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in business administration and accounting.

IEI Core Values

Customer Success

  • IEI’s record of success with the launch of new information services is simply unmatched. Several major new information services were launched with IEI central to their business models and we ensured that these new services stayed on budget, tapped ancillary revenue streams, and were able to scale from skeleton crews to robust teams with dozens of resources as and when needed.
  • Our unique experience with the design and launch of new information services gives us several advantages over other firms serving information-driven businesses. Our technical solutions and dedicated teams are ‘born flexible’ to allow managers to easily pivot their business models and adjust their budgets as needed.
  • Success also depends on the intelligent application of innovation. If you are too far out on the bleeding edge of technology you can wind up wedded to obsolete technologies that can be a drag on your business for years. Apply battle-tested solutions at the right time and in the right way and your core operations run on auto-pilot and you can focus on extending and enhancing the value of your product.
  • Anticipation of future opportunities also comes into play as well and IEI’s entrepreneurial approach – honed by years of experience working with the industry’s smartest and most successful players – means that we know where the information industry is going and how to get you there. Let us work with you to bring your data-driven innovation to light!


  • Few vendors specialize in serving high-risk start-ups. They don’t all succeed and vendors are often left in the lurch should they fail.
  • Our management, however, has a long history of successful roll-outs of new information services. That’s why many break-out successes in the information industry were launched with IEI teams at their core.
  • When we choose to work with a start-up or with an established firm taking a risk on a new service, we apply all of our knowledge to the design and development of robust data supply chains to support that service.
  • That knowledge comes from our deep domain knowledge of industry best practices; something no other vendor can match.
  • In addition to designing thorough, cost-efficient processes our managers offer customers invaluable feedback on their new applications, improving end-user experiences.


  • Dedicated teams at IEI are structured so they can scale up and downas needed by the customer. This is essential for projects with seasonal peaks, but it’s also very useful for growing firms as well.
  • Our technology tools are also designed so they can be adjusted quickly. This allows us to add and fine-tune quality assurance layers within processes to ensure continuous improvement.
  • The ability to adjust product business models ‘on the fly’ is also essential to the success of new information services. Because IEI teams are designed to scale up and down at will and our processes are designed for the easy modification and extension, our customers can keep their focus on their project’s success even as their content focus shifts to better serve end-user requirements.


  • All IEI customers get access to real-time production data allowing our dedicated teams to be managed just as if they were working in-house. Team communication tool technology will vary by customer but the principle of seamless, clear communication is deeply embedded in every team.
  • Our customers also often work side-by-side on-site with their IEI teams both at our Indian facilities and at our customers’ offices in the US. This seamless collaboration has a major impact on the quality of our work and our ability to ‘pivot’ quickly and effectively.
  • All of the data supply chain processes we design are shared with our customers. They often contribute to improving the processes via the addition of new quality assurance sub-processes and validation routines.


  • The trust placed in IEI by some of the world’s most demanding customers was earned the old-fashioned way – by successfully delivering cost-effective results time and again.
  • Unlike other vendors in our industry, our company and officers have no commercial ties to any other information owners, resellers, or marketers. This ensures that there is never a conflict of interest between IEI and our customers.
  • We take data safety seriously and follow customer guidelines and industry best practices to ensure that client data never falls into the wrong hands. The robust metadata on data provenance that we append to every record allows us to factually support the origin of all data we deliver making it easier for customers to comply with emerging data privacy rules.


  • IEI has a strong reputation as a fair and ethical employer. We offer better than average wages and benefits and invest a substantial amount in training and workforce development.
  • We also have a longstanding tradition of giving back to our communities giving major support to the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information, helping it to remain a leader in crowdsourcing innovation and preparing the next generation of data scientists.
  • In India we support charitable initiatives in healthcare, education, and disaster relief via donations to service organizations in Coimbatoreand Coonoor.

Join Our Team

IEI is a company dedicated to the importance of what is true. Literally. Today’s technology solutions rely on reliable business data that allows users to make important decisions quickly. Our researchers and developers gather and process information that powers our customers’ innovative applications. This involves performing research online and over the telephone, as well as designing and developing custom applications to support our researchers’ efforts.

IEI gives preference to candidates with experience, but provides extensive job training to all employees to ensure their ability to grow professionally. We offer equal opportunities to people of all genders, backgrounds, and physical abilities. Compensation and benefits are at or above industry standards and our work environments are friendly and professional.





Have a data challenge? IEI has probably seen it, analyzed it and solved it before.

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