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News & Insights

News & Insights



Partner Spotlight: WorkFusion

As the information industry continues to evolve, we at IEI are convinced that crowdsourced updating will play an ever larger role in its underlying foundation. No longer will databases languish waiting for periodic updates. Rather, they will be constantly updated via a combination of user feedback, event-driven triggers, and crowdsourced

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UT iSchool Data Analytics and Visualization Round-up

Two groups of data professionals did a deep dive into the many issues surrounding the mining, organizing, and presenting data on February 24th at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information (the UT iSchool). Iron Mountain sponsored and moderated the event. The opening panel on Data Wrangling discussed

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Data Discovery

Every information service wants their content to be discovered on the Internet and billions have been made serving that need. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the “data discovery” technology that powers services like Outbrain, Taboola, nRelate (IAC), Gravity (AOL), Disqus, Scribol, and ShareThrough. Using a combination of

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Partner Spotlight: Connotate

Once upon a time the Internet was a place where humans went to look at “pages” of content. These days, however, more “machines” than humans are using the web and many of these little machines are powered by our partner Connotate. Connotate’s “Agents” keep track of billions of price changes,

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Crowdsourcing: Approaching Ubiquity

In 2010, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) posited the three conditions that would make crowdsourcing a common, everyday process. Over the last five years crowdsourcing has matured a lot, and it seems these three conditions have now been met. These are the three requirements the authors suggested. 1. What

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Data Day Recap

The Data Day Texas conference in Austin once again brought together hundreds of folks in the Texas big data community for one data-filled day. Here are the presentations that we thought were “best of show.” Lisa Green, Director of Common Crawl, discussed the challenges of capturing open data at web

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Whither D&B?

The recent news that Dun & Bradstreet purchased data-dealer turned data management service provider NetProspex further advances two seemingly contradictory corporate storylines for the B2B data industry’s bellwether. This may be another in D&B’s string of acquisitions designed to buy the company’s way into the future. Or, this could be

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Databases v. Reality

Updating an existing database (either CRM data or a data product) is a never-ending job that most people would like to avoid. We built Information Evolution primarily to address publishers’ need to keep on top of the shifting technology trends that can make this expensive and often thankless task as

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Data Trends 2014

The recent DataContent track at the BIMS conference in Miami last week pointed to some very clear trends in data product development. Here are some of the memes we’re likely to hear a lot more about in 2015. Predictive Analytics: The ability to predict who is in the market to

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Crowdsourced v. User-Generated

Large media companies are moving away from paying in-house staff to create proprietary online content and favoring two lower-cost models for content creation — user-generated content (UGC) and crowdsourcing-generated content (CGC). Since these two approaches are often confused with each other, it’s worth looking more closely at the real differences

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