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News & Insights

News & Insights



The Human in the Loop

After half a decade of ever-increasing crowdsourcing volume, IEI has decided to put crowd-centered technology at the center of everything we do. This doesn’t mean that we now only use external crowd workers ‑ on the contrary, our in-house teams continue to grow. It does mean that we are centralizing

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Tackling the Blockers

These days, advertising technology (both serving and blocking) is generating a lot of discussion. Most falls into two categories: “I Hate Ads” and “Publishers are Screwed.” Both approaches add zero to the very real discussions about new models for delivering content held behind closed doors at the major content creation

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The Reality API

A few years ago, I spoke of a promised land of interlocking APIs aggregating disparate yet authoritative sources of information, so that information services could provide up-to-the-minute data accuracy. If a corporate office were to move or an executive be promoted, those changes could be reflected far and wide and

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The Un-Database

NoSQL data stores have become more popular as a means of handling the petabytes of data created by user-generated content, GIS data, and the traffic logs of high-volume websites and apps. By storing data in “documents” with text encoded in formats like JSON, rather than in related “tables,” NoSQL repositories

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Searching for Search Innovation

It’s been 20 years since Internet search was “born,” and searching the Web is still pretty much the same as it was in 1995. Dubious sources of information are not weighted to be “worse” than accurate sources. If they’re “popular,” Google even weights them more favorably. Image and video searches

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Legal Limbo

Our society’s move to digital has given rise to enormous uncertainty in legal quarters. Specifically, the ownership of information has never been more unclear at a time when we’re inundated with ever-increasing volumes of data. We got into this situation because of: the assertion of private rights over public data

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Return on Information

For all the talk about the value of accurate data, few of us are making the effort to calculate the true and total cost of keeping data up-to-date and making it ever richer. Real-time updates, data overlays, metadata appends and other improvements cost time and money. How can we be

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Metastasizing Metadata

What happens when you have more metadata for a database record than there are fields of data in the original record itself? If you’re like almost every other company in the world you don’t have to imagine this scenario. It’s a reality you’ve lived with for quite some time. Every

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Inside Open Data

At IEI, we’re intimately familiar with the “demand side” of public information. It’s rare, though, that we get a glimpse of the issues facing public sector managers on the front lines of supplying that information. That’s just what we got when we were asked to participate in the City of

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Born Open

The open data movement is a juggernaut. In the years since the Freedom of Information Act, citizens have come to expect access to public information of all kinds in the easiest, fastest possible way. At first, federal government agencies struggled to make their information available to the public. Data was

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