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News & Insights



Perpetual Data

One of the most intractable publishing technology questions in the data-driven content world is a simple one: How do we publish (meaning post, upload, or otherwise distribute) databases of time-sensitive content in a way that allows them to be retrieved and used forever? Shyamali’s post on stone cylinders points out

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Tools of Change, Old and New

We tend to look at change as a feature of modern life, but I was reminded last week that publishing has always been a magnet for new technology. I had the opportunity to visit the Morgan Library, a must-see for all who love books. Exhibits included papers belonging to Charles

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Data Paralysis

As the “big data” juggernaut* continues to build momentum, it is about time to pause and reflect on those things that are holding us back from realizing the true potential of data integration, overlays, and analysis. Mark Miller posted a great piece on MediaPost (“Three Steps To Dealing With Data

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Time for a True Pay-per-Use Content Model?

Changing an information service’s business model is risky business. If you built your model the right way, there are several revenue streams (multiple advertising opportunities based on a variety of delivery devices, multiple subscription options based on delivery frequency and the volume/type of content, ecommerce hooks of every conceivable type)

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The Value of Incidental Data

Last week we saw two great cases at IEI where “data exhaust” — data created incidentally as part of a particular data management process — turned out to hold great value for our customers. In both cases we took simple telephone verification processes designed just to confirm that an executive’s contact information was still

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People Power

The push-back on a 100% automated world is well underway. Ecommerce merchants, including information services, are increasingly being forced by consumers to show that they actually have real, living, breathing employees to support their convenient online offerings. Hiding behind email contact forms and sites without a single human’s name, a

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Information as Advertising, Again

Back in 1994 I sketched out an outline for the business model that relied on one simple idea: using content to drive marketing. The underlying model was basically the same as a magazine – charge for subscriptions; run advertising – but since Hoover’s (then The Reference Press) had basically

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The Human Dimension of Online Services

As online information services have evolved, the conventional wisdom has been that human resources are bad because they impede a high valuation for the firm. Slowly but surely, however, this perception is being relegated to a historical footnote and new information services are embracing the unique filtering, analysis, responsiveness, and

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